Both Pleasure and Business

Tuesday, February 28, 2012~

The last day of February! Oh, wait..... guess not. So yesterday I walked. A lot. And today I did my usual body sculpting class. Wwouch. Yes, that's a new word and now it's trademarked. Wwouch®. Right now that is the only way I can describe how my tensor fasciæ latæ muscle feels. Impressed that I know what the tensor fasciæ latæ muscle is? Don't be, I googled it.

The cookie fortune I pulled tonight is awesome. You'll have to overlook the blaring grammar error. (If you overlooked all the somewhat intentional issues in the previous paragraph, that should be no problem.) I wish these "fortunes" were guarantees and not just factory spewage. 

"You will travel far and wide,both pleasure and business."

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