Plan B

from Thursday, January 19th~

   I met up with 3 fabulous girlfriends in St. Augustine today. We had a lovely authentic Mexican meal and then wandered the streets for a bit. When we returned to the charming Victorian we'd rented out, we found the lock box completely jammed. Fortunately we were able to call the owner and relieved when she said there was a "Plan B".

   "Plan B" was an extra key hidden in a faux sprinkler head. Only- there was no faux sprinkler head. I'm very sure of that because we dug with our bare hands through all the mulch and even some packed dirt. Some neighbors even helped look. Eventually a locksmith was called and an hour later, we were inside again.

   Some would say this was an ominous start to the trip, I say that we met our mishap quota early on, so the rest of the trip can be perfect!

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