One of Those Days...

January 24, 2012~
   Today has  been one of those days. I was up until 4 am last night finishing an order, so it started off rough. I don't feel the need to bore with the specifics, but running multiple errands with a sick kid in tow is not fun. I had 2 items to ship, one of which was a huge painting. The sales are good, but I hate it when I have to frankenstein boxes. It took forever to get that painting well packed. The other sale was overseas so that's also a little extra work. 
   Then there's Juju's little birthday dinner... I didn't cook a thing. We all just showed up at the pizza place. BUT, of course, Julian wouldn't stop coughing all over everything. Then he wasn't eating even though he was the one who picked pizza. I guess it was fine, but I just felt drained afterward. Walking into my totally trashed house didn't help matters either. 
   I had to run something over to my sister-in-law's house, so I grabbed that and headed out again. I'd had The Age of Adz playing the last bit of our trip back from St. Augustine. It was still in the player, so I just blasted it. Seconds later, I just felt all the irritation and stress of the day just fall away. Something about that album connects with my soul and listening to it is just cathartic. 
   Of course, when I got back home, there were ear drops to be administered and it's still a mess, but thank goodness for those moments where the weight of the day does lift!

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