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Monday, January 30, 2012~

   I don't brag on my hubby as much as I should. Lately he's just been awesome though. He's been so willing to watch Juju when I need to get away. He picked up meals when I wasn't feeling good last week. He did loads and loads of laundry this weekend. He remembered I wanted to try this kind of popcorn and instead of getting the kind he wanted, he got the one I mentioned. 

   I feel like there aren't many guys that consistently put not just the needs, but wants of their families first. So many men act like boys when it comes to pursuing hobbies or the newest gadget. I don't know what generation that started with, but it seems the norm now. Some women do it too, so it's not all on the guys. I'm just glad my guy's heart for me and Juju is so apparent in his actions. It inspires me to be less selfish.

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