Night Owl

One day I'll sleep at night like normal people. By the time I realize that my brain isn't going to shut down, it's too late to take a melatonin. If I take one and can't get at least 8 hours sleep, it's bad in the morning, real bad. Still it's just as bad for Juju when mommy is exhausted in the afternoon. 

Any way, late at night I get creative anyway or I'm able to get on the internet and pull up bands I like or read book reviews, etc. I really wish my brain functioned this well in the morning instead! I'm genuinely jealous of morning people, but I'm also really happy that Julian isn't one either. 

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Victoria said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had never heard of Bazooka Jules so I Googled her, wow, that girl has some bazookas, love her blond pigtails, looks like she can take care of her own. My friends would call her 'A rough tough cream puff'

And, it's easy for me to be a night owl too, so for now it is up late, up early and long naps. All my kids are grown, all six of them, yeah!

(Ri)Charmed said...

She is a tad risque, shoulda warned ya! My son is only 3 so while he's not up super early, I seldom get to sleep much past 8 am.

Joy said...

I'm a night owl too...everything, including my brain, works better after 6pm. Wish the world was a little more night-owl friendly.

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