So just a couple book recommendations today. I think they kind of go together. The first is Eva Scrivo on Beauty. It's one of these beauty books that comes out every so often. Eva Scrivo is a world renown hairstylist and makeup artist so she's got a lot of "in the trenches" experience. She's very detailed and good at explaining the why of certain things. She doesn't stop with just hair and makeup though. She also has information on living healthy and lots more. I've read many books of this kind, but this one has such a positive tone and current and doable information, I really enjoyed it. 

   It was kind of interesting to read that along side Made to Crave, the book study my women's group at church is doing. I'm still in the beginning stages of the study but I think the point is that our cravings (food, sex, shoes, whatever...) can come in between our relationship with God so they need to be put down. We're talking about how our cravings often have power over us and affect the healthiness of not just our bodies, but our souls.

   I think the books relate because both really hit on the fact that it's not deprivation to say no to foods that don't help us. It's empowering to eat well and take care of the body God has gifted us with. Yeah, it's a stretch, but my brain kept connecting the two so I'm going with it!

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